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Cooperative principles of mutuality

Australia's customer owned banks, credit unions and mutual building societies provide banking and other financial services to some 4.5 million Australians and are highly regulated, safe and secure financial institutions with total assets of more than $77.5 billion.

Bank Australia proudly supports the following 10 Key Promises, which all customer owned financial institutions share throughout Australia:

  1. We will be fair and ethical in our dealings with you.
  2. We will focus on our customers.
  3. We will give you clear information about our products and services.
  4. We will be responsible lenders.
  5. We will deliver high customer service and standards.
  6. We will deal fairly with any complaints.
  7. We will recognise customers' rights as owners.
  8. We will comply with our legal and industry obligations.
  9. We will recognise our impact on the wider community.
  10. We will support and promote the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice.

Bank Australia is a member of the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) and the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals.

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