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LandMark White data breach: LandMark White (LMW), a property valuation service provider, has advised us of a data breach that has affected customers of a number of banks. The breach is limited to LMW’s system - our systems have not been breached. A small number of Bank Australia customers are affected by this incident who we are in the process of contacting. View details


Customer stories Aisling has been a customer for more than a year.

Aisling has been a customer for more than a year and believes she couldn’t find any other bank that was this closely aligned with her values.

Her interest in community development and social justice led her to study social work and volunteer for local community organisations.  She now works for State Government in social policy. 

Often you’ll find Aisling and her partner Thami cycling across the back streets of Melbourne, checking out a local grocery or buying plants for their garden.

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