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LandMark White data breach: LandMark White (LMW), a property valuation service provider, has advised us of a data breach that has affected customers of a number of banks. The breach is limited to LMW’s system - our systems have not been breached. A small number of Bank Australia customers are affected by this incident who we are in the process of contacting. View details

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Customer stories

Clare has been a Bank Australia customer since 2014.

Customer stories

Clare has been a Bank Australia customer since 2014 after she changed over her banking on Divestment Day. She believes her banking should align directly with her passion for the environment, the community and the arts.

Clare is a local artist in Melbourne whose work features on a number of large scale murals and community arts projects. Clare is driven by the task of breaking down the barriers to the arts and strives to create projects that provide people with access to art regardless of their personal circumstances.

She gets community groups involved in her work and encourages a collaborative approach to art.

In between studying for her Masters in Arts and running her business that creates art projects for children from migrant backgrounds, Clare can be found frequenting Melbourne’s many coffee establishments.

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