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LandMark White data breach: LandMark White (LMW), a property valuation service provider, has advised us of a data breach that has affected customers of a number of banks. The breach is limited to LMW’s system - our systems have not been breached. A small number of Bank Australia customers are affected by this incident who we are in the process of contacting. View details

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Customer stories

Emma has been a Bank Australia customer for more than five years.

Customer stories

Emma has been a customer for more than five years and came across us when she was at university. She believes that human connections, breaking perceptions and swing dancing are the way of the future.

Emma currently holds the title of Miss Pin Up Classic 2014 in Australia and wants to encourage thousands of women across Australia embrace their inner ‘Pin Up’. Through her story she shares her love for vintage clothing, food and connecting with people from all walks of life.

An interior designer in a past life, Emma’s workplace is now a workshop full of wood and metal where she teaches manual arts in a remote mining community in Queensland.

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