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LandMark White data breach: LandMark White (LMW), a property valuation service provider, has advised us of a data breach that has affected customers of a number of banks. The breach is limited to LMW’s system - our systems have not been breached. A small number of Bank Australia customers are affected by this incident who we are in the process of contacting. View details

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Customer stories

Simon has been a customer of Bank Australia since 2014.

Customer stories

Simon has been a personal customer of Bank Australia since 2014, but a business customer since 2010. Since working in finance for Engineers Without Borders to now operating a farm in regional Victoria, Simon places strong importance on sustainability and the environment and wants his bank to do the same.

Since trading in his calculator for a pair of gum boots, Simon tackles everyday challenges of running his farm – from herding his alpacas to harvesting honey and building a solar powered chicken coup. When he isn’t hosting gardening or sourdough making classes, he keeps busy making coffees at events in the Dumbo Feather Airstream or suiting up to care for his bees.

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