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We are 100% customer owned

How does a customer owned bank differ from the rest?

We are Australia's first 100% customer owned bank, but what does that mean for you and how can you benefit?

We are owned by customers, not shareholders

As a customer owned bank, we are 100% owned by our customers. This is different to most banks which are owned by a group of shareholders who have a financial stake in the organisation and are paid a return for their investment in the bank in the form of dividends. 

Bank Australia on the other hand is owned by around 125 000 Australians who all have an equal share in Bank Australia. They cannot trade their shares or accumulate more than one share, so each customer is just as important as the next.

Profits are reinvested to benefit our customers

Being customer owned, our profits are reinvested in the bank to provide fairer fees, better interest rates, and the responsible products and services that our customers expect.  Profits are also retained in the form of capital to ensure the bank’s ongoing strength.

Customers contribute to social, environmental and cultural change 

Being sharp on price and making a profit is important to us all. But we believe money should also be put to good use, creating positive social, environmental and cultural outcomes.

We do this by:

Our benefits are independently checked

To track our performance on terms of pricing, we commission CANSTAR, an independent financial services research group, to work out the benefit our customers receive by banking with us each year. They compared pricing on our deposits, loans and transactions at 30 June 2016 with the average pricing of the four major banks and valued our pricing benefit for 2016 at $33.2 million.

Sounds great, how do I become a customer?

You can sign up for a transaction account online in a matter of minutes.


Change the world with an Everyday Access account, it only takes 5 minutes.



Get your ID ready – have your driver’s licence, passport or Medicare card handy.



Fill in our short online form.



You're done! We'll send you an email confirmation with your account details.

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