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Customer stories

Our customers are doing incredible things to make the world a better place to live. We sat down with a few of them to find out exactly what they do and how they are changing the world in which we live.

We are proud to have these amazing people as our customers and owners. It's people like them that drive us to be a better, more responsible bank.

Jason Ball

Young Australian of the Year and LGBTQI campaigner, Jason is a champion for good, with a goal to make the world a better place to live.

Natalie Isaacs

Founder of 1 Million Women, a movement of women and girls fighting the climate crisis through the way they live everyday.

Elliot Costello

CEO of YGAP, an organisation that helps scale early stage impact ventures across Australia, Africa and Asia with a goal to take people out of poverty.

Vicky Brooke

Founder and chair of Zero Emissions Byron, an organisation that is working across multiple sectors to reduce emissions in the Byron Shire area to zero by 2025.

Katerina Gaita

CEO and Founder of Climate for Change, an organisation helping Australians to have better, more infored climate change conversations with other Australians.

Kaitlin & Ninna

Directors at Reground, an initiative that turns coffee waste into something that benefits the environment and the community.

Carly & Gabrielle

Conservation volunteers who organise clean-ups on the Merri Creek. They aim to make conservation and land care fun and entertaining for all involved.


Co-ordinator at Space2b Social Design, a social and art enterprise that works to financially empower newly arrived migrants and people seeking asylum.