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Positive Charge 


Bank Australia does not lend to the fossil fuel industry - and never will. That means no coal, gas or coal seam gas. Positive Charge has partnered with Bank Australia to offer a fossil fuel free home loan.

Bank Australia is customer-owned, and works to benefit customers, not shareholders. 

While we are a profitable bank, that's not why we exist. We're here to provide Australians with a responsible alternative.    

We return our profits to customers through better rates and fees, and believe money should be put to good use to create positive outcomes for people and the planet. 

Take action and divest your home loan to a competitive rate, and Bank Australia will contribute 0.40% of the value of your loan to Positive Charge to support its activities, projects and campaigns.


Complete the form below and one of our team will get in touch at a time that suits you.   

Why switch to Bank Australia?

We're 100% customer owned

As a customer owned bank, we return profits to customers in the form of better rates and fees while also retaining some funds to invest in the ongoing development of the bank. Check out our home loan rates to find out more. 

We have not made and will not make any loans to the fossil fuel industry

We're working to create a healthier planet by refusing to put money into the fossil fuel industry. It's an important part of what makes us a responsible bank, and why we're recommended by fossil fuel divestment advocate Market Forces as a green banking alternative.

We have been a carbon neutral bank since 2011 and consider the environmental impacts of our products including offsetting the carbon emissions associated with every customer car loan.

Become a joint-owner in our conservation reserve

Each Bank Australia customer is part-owner of a 927 hectare Conservation Reserve. The reserve is a group of three properties on biodiverse Australian bushland which is protected from development forever. 

The bank purchased the first of our three properties in 2008, as a way of acting on customer concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability. We have spent the last nine years working to restore the properties and to learn more about the unique ecology so that we can find ways to best protect the reserve’s unique habitat and the 227 native plant and 270 native animal species that call the reserve home.

Working with our partners Greening Australia and Trust for Nature we want to see the reserve become a thriving example of science-based conservation in action.

Responsible lending and investments

As a customer owned bank, we use our customers’ deposits to make loans to other customers. This simple approach to banking is the cornerstone of cooperative banks around the world. The bank also invests its capital and liquid funds on behalf of customers who own the bank.

While generating a return is important, we also believe money should also be put to good use, creating positive social, environmental and cultural outcomes. Our Responsible Investment and Lending Policy guides how we put customers' money to use.

Our five responsible investment and lending principles:

  • Strive to ensure our customers’ funds are invested in loans that provide benefits to people, society or the environment;
  • Only lend to persons or organisations if it can be determined that they have the capacity to repay the loan;
  • Market all loan products in a responsible manner;
  • Offer support to customers facing financial hardship;
  • Assist customers to enhance their financial literacy.
4% of our after tax profit goes towards customer nominated causes

The Bank Australia Impact Fund makes investments on behalf of our customers that contribute to the mutual prosperity of people, our communities and the planet.

Each year Bank Australia invests up to 4% of after tax profits towards initiatives which create measurable environmental, social and economic outcomes in ways which are consistent with the values and expectations of our customers.

Bank with us however you want

We have a network of branches, free access to 3000+ ATMs, smartphone apps and access to Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

We make refinancing easy

Refinancing your home loan through us is simple.  Complete the enquiry form below and your own personal lender will guide your through the process. The best part? We will take care of almost everything.

Once you have let us know you are interested in moving your home loan we will:

  • Arrange a time to talk to you about the process and lodge your application - meet us at your local branch or talk over the phone
  • Ask you to provide some documentation to support your application - but don’t stress, this isn’t too complicated
  • Deal with your current bank (at the beginning of your application we will ask you to sign a discharge authority form which will give us permission to handle all matters relating to the bank you are switching from).

Then, all that’s left to do is accept the contracts once we’ve approved your application.

We’ll make sure refinancing is in your best interests

At your first meeting with your Bank Australia lender, they will do a cost-benefit analysis of you moving your home loan across, including fees, to make sure it is in your best interests.

Lenders are not allowed to charge an exit fee if your loan was taken out after 30 June 2011. If your loan was taken out earlier than 30 June 2011 a loan exit fee may apply.

If you are on a fixed rate loan, you may need to pay a break fee. More information about refinancing and fees can be found at

A small government fee will apply for administering a change to your land title.

If your loan to value ratio (LVR) is higher than 80 percent you will need to pay mortgage lenders insurance when you move your loan to Bank Australia.

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The fine print

Bank Australia will contribute to Positive Charge 0.40% of the value of any home loans switched.