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Our Conservation Reserve

Each Bank Australia customer is part-owner of a 954 hectare Conservation Reserve. The reserve is a group of three properties on biodiverse Australian bushland which is protected from development forever. 

Our customers tell us that climate change and protecting threatened species are important issues for the bank to act on. The reserve is one of the ways the bank listens to customers and makes a positive impact on their behalf. 

Since 2008 the bank and Landcare Australia have undertaken protection and restoration works at the reserve.  Our aim is to revive habitat for the endangered animals and resident birds, reptiles and frogs who make their homes among the property’s plants, tree hollows and log piles. 

The grounds of the reserve play an important role in the community too.  Conservationists, ecologists, community groups and schools regularly join our on-ground and strategic planning activities. 

It is important that we manage the reserve in a way which reflects global developments in science and conservation practice. Accordingly, in 2016 we formed a new partnership with Greening Australia and Trust for Nature, leaders in the conservation field. 

We’ve started a planning process for the reserve built around the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.  These standards are an internationally recognised framework for natural resource management planning.

Together we are working to ensure that through your ownership of the bank and the reserve, you are doing more for people, planet and prosperity.



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Meet the people making our Conservation Reserve happen

Melissa - Bank Australia Director

Doug - Trust for Nature

Adam - Trust for Nature

Bronwyn - Birdlife Australia