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Alert: Planned maintenance - Internet Banking: Sunday 14th August, 12:30am-2:30am AEST. We will be conducting important maintenance across our internet banking platform. During this time our internet banking platform will be offline. We apologise for any inconvenience. Card transactions and ATM withdrawals will be unaffected during the maintenance window. Call us on 132 888 for any questions, we're here 'til 8pm AEST or between 9am and 2pm AEDT tomorrow.

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2022-06-21 5:07 pm

Interest rate announcement - 12 August 2022. Bank Australia will increase variable home loan and commercial variable rates in response the RBA’s recent decision to raise the official cash rate. From 18 August 2022, interest rates will increase by 0.50% for variable rate owner-occupier and investor loans, while commercial variable rate loans will also increase by 0.50%. For existing home loan customers, repayment changes will be effective from 1 October 2022. Read more here.

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2022-04-28 10:05 am
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Bank Australia calculators can help you make plans and figure out budgets, taxes, repayments and more.

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Budget planner

Use our online budget planner calculator to help manage your budget and work out where your money is going.

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Living expenses

Use our living expenses calculator to estimate your cost of living, including your annual expenses, income and savings.

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Home loan repayments

Calculate your loan repayments with our mortgage repayment calculator. Work out how much you'll repay on your home loan and for how long.

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Home loan borrowing power

Estimate how much you may be able to borrow with our home loan borrowing power calculator.

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Home loan comparison

Compare your home loan with one of ours using our home loan comparison calculator. See what the difference is when you vary options such as rates, terms and amounts.

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Home loan key fact sheet

Easily compare your home loan options.

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Repayment comparison

Compare your loan repayments with our mortgage repayment calculator. Work out which loan may be most suitable for you.

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Use our refinance calculator to determine potential savings by moving your home loan.

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Stamp duty

Calculate how much stamp duty you will pay with our stamp duty calculator. Estimate your stamp duty based on your property's location, type and value.

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Personal loan repayments

Estimate how much you need to repay on your personal or car loan. Calculate how extra repayments could help you pay off your loan sooner.

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Savings accounts and term deposits

Calculate your return using our savings and term deposit calculator. See how hard your money can work with different amounts, terms and interest rates.

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Credit card repayments

Work out how much you need to repay with our credit card repayment calculator. See how paying more than your minimum repayment could help you pay off your credit card faster.

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Income tax

Work out how much income tax you need to pay using our income tax calculator. Estimate your tax based on your annual, monthly, fortnightly or weekly income.

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Personal loan borrowing power

Estimate how much you may be able to borrow with our personal loan borrowing power calculator.

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Balance transfer

Estimate how much you may save with our balance transfer calculator.

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Business loan repayments

Estimate how much you need to repay on your business loan with our commercial loan repayment calculator.

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Postcode tool

Use the postcode calculator to determine the maximum loan to value ratio (LVR) that applies to the property secured against your loan.

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