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About Bank Australia

Who we are 

We started in 1957 as the CSIRO Co-operative Credit Society and have grown and evolved, joining together 72 credit unions and co-operatives to become Australia’s first customer-owned bank. We changed our name to Bank Australia in 2015. 

We are owned by our customers which means we don’t answer to shareholders. Our profits are returned to customers through better rates and fees and our investments are used to create positive social and environmental change. 

Clean Money 

At Bank Australia, we say our money is ‘clean’ because it is never loaned to industries (eg coal, nuclear weapons, gambling, tobacco, live animal export) that do harm. 

Instead, as a customer-owned bank, we believe it’s important to use our customers’ money in responsible ways, creating positive impact for people, their communities and the planet.

Just becoming a customer makes you a part-owner in our 927 hectare Conservation Reserve – a world-first for a bank. 

Banking services 

We have 24 branches located across Australia, full online and mobile app banking and you can use any big four bank ATM for free. 

We are committed to keeping jobs in Australia and our contact centre is located in regional Victoria. 

By becoming a customer with us you will also have access to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay

Additionally your money is guaranteed by the Federal Government, exactly the same as the big four banks.

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