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Intech Bank by Bank Australia


Changes to your banking

On 22 July 2017 we moved your accounts from Intech Bank to Bank Australia.  

Please login to internet banking to check your accounts. Please use your existing customer number (or new number if you received advice about a change) and your existing password to login.

Feel free to explore all of Bank Australia's accounts from transaction, savings, credit card, personal, car and home loans. You now have access to mobile apps (internet banking registration required), Platinum Visa Card, health insurance and deposit facilities at over 3,000 Australia Post outlets.

Some important changes to remember:

  • Please use BSB of 313 140 plus your account number for any new direct credits and debits. Your existing payments will continue as normal.
  • You can contact Bank Australia on 132 888 (Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm AEST)
  • A new simple flat monthly fee and unlimited transactions now apply to your Everyday Access account (the fee is waived for July and August 2017)
  • You can download Bank Australia’s mobile apps if you are registered for internet banking

Further details about the changes are included in the Changes to your banking leaflet.

Please see disclosures for your new terms, conditions, fees and charges applicable to your accounts.

Further information and handy links:

About Intech Bank

Intech Bank is a division of Bank Australia, one of Australia’s largest customer owned banks.  Together, we believe that money should be put to good use, to create positive social, environmental and cultural outcomes.  A kind of mutual prosperity for all. 

The origins of Intech Bank go back more than 50 years when employees of iconic technology companies IBM and Telstra set up credit unions to provide better banking to their fellow employees.  Today all Australian technology employees and their families can benefit from our products and services. 

At Intech Bank, we believe that a healthy technology sector is vital for Australia. For example we fund scholarships for disadvantaged students at the University of Technology in Sydney and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne and we sponsor the prestigious iAwards. 

Intech Bank is a division of Bank Australia Limited

ABN 21 087 651 607 AFSL / Australian Credit Licence Number 238431

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5 Sep 2017