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Link this account to your home loan. The entire balance in your account is offset against your home loan balance before your loan interest is calculated. A Mortgage Offset reduces the amount of interest you have to pay on your home loan.

Why choose the Mortgage Offset?

  • available on all Premium Home Loans
  • reduces the amount of interest you pay on your home loan
  • reduces the amount of tax you pay on your savings interest
  • link with a Visa debit card 
  • access cash from over 10,000 Bank Australia and major bank ATM's
  • if you link a card to your Mortgage Offset, you'll get access to card control features that allow you to mange the way you transact, temporarily lock your card and create custom notifications to monitor your card activity.

The fine print

Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply and are available on application. Loans subject to normal lending criteria and approval.

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