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Bank Australia is a 100% customer owned, responsible bank. 

We are not a new bank, but one with a rich 60 year history. Our success story is made up of the individual stories of tens of thousands of people who have been customers and owners of our bank since 1957.

Our customers have always looked to us for competitive prices and personal service. But they also look to us to be a genuinely responsible and progressive bank with values that mirror their own - one with a strong sense of purpose that cares about customers, creates mutual prosperity and plays an important role in building a strong, fair nation and a healthy planet.

Today Bank Australia is a bank all Australians can call their own.

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We're well established

Customers have been banking with us since 1957 and today nearly 130,000 people and community sector organisations choose to bank with us.

We're well established

12 Jun 2018

21 Jun 2018