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Our Premium Home Loan Package offers a fully featured home loan, discounted interest rates, fee waivers and discounts across a host of other products, and a free consultation with an independent financial advisor.

Interest rate from
3.99% p.a.
Comparison Rate
4.34% p.a.*

effective 20 June 2016

More rates and fees
Variable Rates Loan Only
Total Lending Interest Rate Comparison Rate
$100,000-$400,000 4.99% p.a. 5.03% p.a.*
$400,000-$700,000 4.99% p.a. 5.03% p.a.*
$700,000+ 4.99% p.a. 5.03% p.a.*
$100,000-$400,000 - Investment 5.09% p.a. 5.13% p.a.*
$400,000-$700,000 - Investment 5.09% p.a. 5.13% p.a.*
$700,000+ - Investment 5.09% p.a. 5.13% p.a.*
Variable Rates w/ Package
Total Lending Discount Interest Rate Comparison Rate
$100,000-$400,000 0.80% 4.19% p.a. 4.53% p.a.*
$400,000-$700,000 0.90% 4.09% p.a. 4.44% p.a.*
$700,000+ 1.00% 3.99% p.a. 4.34% p.a.*
$100,000-$400,000 - Investment 0.20% 4.89% p.a. 5.22% p.a.*
$400,000-$700,000 - Investment 0.30% 4.79% p.a. 5.12% p.a.*
$700,000+ - Investment 0.40% 4.69% p.a. 5.02% p.a.*
Fixed Rates Loan Only
Total Lending Interest Rate Comparison Rate
Fixed 1 Year 4.54% p.a. 4.99% p.a.*
Fixed 2 Years 4.34% p.a. 4.91% p.a.*
Fixed 3 Years 4.44% p.a. 4.89% p.a.*
Fixed 5 Years 4.69% p.a. 4.91% p.a.*
Fixed 1 Year - Investment 4.94% p.a. 5.12% p.a.*
Fixed 2 Years - Investment 4.84% p.a. 5.09% p.a.*
Fixed 3 Years - Investment 4.94% p.a. 5.09% p.a.*
Fixed 5 Years - Investment 5.14% p.a. 5.16% p.a.*
Fixed Rates w/ Package
Total Lending Discount Interest Rate Comparison Rate
Fixed 1 Year 0.15% 4.39% p.a. 4.55% p.a.*
Fixed 2 Years 0.15% 3.85% p.a. 4.47% p.a.*
Fixed 3 Years 0.15% 4.29% p.a. 4.56% p.a.*
Fixed 5 Years 0.15% 4.54% p.a. 4.68% p.a.*
Fixed 1 Year - Investment 0.15% 4.79% p.a. 5.21% p.a.*
Fixed 2 Years - Investment 0.15% 4.69% p.a. 5.18% p.a.*
Fixed 3 Years - Investment 0.15% 4.79% p.a. 5.19% p.a.*
Fixed 5 Years - Investment 0.15% 4.99% p.a. 5.26% p.a.*
Fees and Charges Loan Only
Establishment fee - new mortgage $595
Establishment fee - existing mortgage $295
Discharge fee $250
Offset service fee - per month $8
Fees and Charges w/ Package
Annual package fee $350
Discharge fee $250

Why choose the Premium Home Loan Package?

  • Tiered and fixed rate discounts
  • Available for investment purpose to existing customers only (rate displayed applies for owner occupied purpose, see more rates and fees)
  • Free redraw
  • Option to fix full loan or split between fixed and variable
  • Interest only option available
  • Interest only available during construction period
  • No monthly account fee on Everyday Access or Mortgage Offset accounts
  • No annual fee on Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card
  • Zero interest for 12 months on balance transfer on our Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card
  • No establishment fee for personal loans and home loan top-ups
  • 10% off general insurance products
  • Free progress inspections for construction loans
  • Free initial wealth management consultation

Create a key fact sheet for this loan.

The fine print

* Comparison Rate. The Comparison Rate is based on a loan of $150,000 for 25 years. Fees and charges may be applicable.

IMPORTANT: The Comparison Rate applies only to the example given. Different amounts and terms will result in different Comparison Rates. Costs such as redraw fees, early repayment fees, and cost savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the Comparison Rate but may influence the cost of the loan.

  1. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Loans subject to normal lending criteria and approval. Rates apply to new applications received from 13/05/16 however are subject to change at anytime.
  2. Bank Australia offsets an equivalent amount of land as is being constructed on into the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve in accordance with the land management plan developed and implemented by Landcare Australia and overseen by Trust for Nature. Carbon sequestered from these trees is monitored and reported by Landcare CarbonSMART. Homes constructed on large lots of land such as hobby farms will be offset according to the amount of land occupied by the dwelling.
  3. A maximum loan to value ratio of 80% applies for investment loans.
  4. Annual package fee of $350 is payable in advance and is nonrefundable. The fee is debited to the loan balance on funding, and then annually on the anniversary date of funding. Package benefits cease to apply once the loan is repaid in full. Other fees and charges may be payable. Refer to the Loan Fees schedule available from or by calling 132 888 for more details.
  5. Redraw is available during fixed period, not available during an interest only.
  6. Repayment Pause. Loans must be established for a full 12 months and a maximum Loan to Value Ratio of 90% (Family-Pause) or 90% (Eco-Pause) applies. Pausing repayments will result in interest continuing to accrue on the loan, potentially increasing the term of your loan. Full conditions available from Bank Australia.
  7. Insurance. This insurance is issued by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 AFSL 234708. mecu Limited ABN 21 087 651 607 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence No. 238431 acts as an agent of Allianz and not as your agent. Before making a decision about this insurance, please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement available on 132 888 or visit 10% discount applies to building, contents and motor combined, and/or standalone building insurance, when you sign up for this home loan package. Minimum premiums apply. Any discounts/entitlements only apply to the extent that any minimum premium is not reached. If you are eligible for more than one, we also apply each of them in a predetermined order to the premium (excluding applicable taxes and government charges) as reduced by any prior applied discounts/ entitlements.

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