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Register your PayID for faster, simpler payments

With PayID you can forget your BSB and account number – simply use your mobile, email or ABN to receive payments.

You can also pay someone else using their PayID.

It’s easy to setup with internet banking or our mobile banking app.

PayID – how to register


Step 1

Login to internet banking or the mobile banking app

Step 2

Navigate to 'Manage PayID'
Verify your PayID

Step 3

Link your PayID to your account and confirm that you are the owner













How it works

Currently if you want to receive payments from someone who isn't a Bank Australia customer, you’ll usually provide your BSB and bank account number.

Remembering your PayID - instead of these details – makes payments much easier and it keeps your banking details private.

Because this is a nationwide initiative involving more than 50 banks and financial institutions including Bank Australia, you’ll benefit from payments being processed almost straight away.

You can link one or many PayIDs to one transaction account – which is ideal for joint accounts.

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