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You’re looking to buy a new car.

You can borrow all or part of the amount with a car loan.

There's some excellent information to assist car buyers at

Calculate how much you can borrow, and take into account other costs of buying a car, such as:

  • purchase price
  • stamp duty
  • registration fees
  • transfer fees
  • insurance
  • ongoing costs, such as servicing.

You will also need to answer questions like:

  • Can you arrange pre-approval?
  • What will the repayments be?
  • Can you make additional repayments?

Find out what your personal repayments will be below and find out information and apply for the Bank Autsralia car loan

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Borrow Our car loans offset your car's carbon emissions for the life of the loan.

6.45% p.a. 6.66% p.a. comparison rate.

Insure Keep your motor running with comprehensive car insurance.

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