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Responsible banking

While we are a profitable bank, that's not why we exist. We're here to provide Australians with a responsible banking alternative.

At Bank Australia we say our money is clean because it is never loaned to industries that do harm. All our loans are subject to our Responsible Banking Policy.

We're the first bank in Australia to have its deposit and home lending products certified 'responsible' by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, and through our Impact Fund, we direct 4% of our after-tax profits to projects that help people and the planet.


We're working to create a healthier planet by refusing to put money into the fossil fuel industry. It's an important part of what makes us a responsible bank, and why we're recommended by fossil fuel divestment advocate Market Forces as a green banking alternative.

Carbon neutral

We're proud to lead the banking industry with our efforts to conserve the the environment that supports us all. We have been a carbon neutral bank since 2011 and consider the environmental impacts of our products including offsetting the carbon emissions associated with every customer car loan.  

Conservation Reserve

Every Bank Australia customer is a part-owner in our very own Conservation Reserve - a world first for a bank. The reserve was purchased in 2008 and since then we've revegetated and preserved 927 hectares (or 456 MCGs) of biodiverse land, and signed a covenant that protects it from development - forever. 

Customer ownership

We do things a little differently to other banks. Being customer-owned means we don't have shareholders. This means instead of answering to external shareholders, we answer to you. As a customer, you have a very real say in how the bank is run, including a vote on our directors' salaries and a say in where we invest our profits. 

Only invest in good 

We're the first bank in Australia to have its deposit and home lending products certified 'responsible' by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia. We look for investments that will benefit people and planet. For example, we lend to community housing organisations to help them build homes for disadvantaged people. 


We're working to close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other Australians. We've developed our Reconciliation Action Plan in collaboration with Reconciliation Australia which outlines tangible action to improve relationships, increase respect and create equal opportunities.

Affordable housing

We’re dedicated to making housing more accessible. That’s why we lend over $170 million to the affordable housing sector, which helps build homes for people who need it most. We also participate in initiatives to provide people on a low income with alternative entry to the housing market. 


In addition to providing responsible banking services for hundreds of Australian schools, Bank Australia is working to create better opportunities for disadvantaged students including support of State Schools' Relief - an organisation that provides disadvantaged students with school uniforms and other essentials. 

Financial inclusion

We're helping to address the disadvantage faced by more than 3 million Australians who are facing financial hardship. We are part of a group of organisations leading the way to encourage a more financially inclusive and resilient society and this approach has shaped our partnership with The Big Issue. 

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