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LandMark White data breach: LandMark White (LMW), a property valuation service provider, has advised us of a data breach that has affected customers of a number of banks. The breach is limited to LMW’s system - our systems have not been breached. A small number of Bank Australia customers are affected by this incident who we are in the process of contacting. View details


Our app for Android and iPhone provides you with a secure and easy way to bank on the go. To get started just login using your customer number and internet banking password.

What's new in our latest version?

  • Improved side-menu making it easy to find what you’re looking for
  • Extra card management festures: reduce your credit card limit or cancel your credit card
  • For credit card holders - Visa refunds will now show as a positive value in the uncleared funds section of your account. Pending debits now show as a negative.


What is included in the Bank Australia banking app?

Everyday banking

  • Customise the length of time before you’re auto-logged out of the app
  • View your session history
  • App details – view important information about your app and device
  • Travel notifications – let us know when you’re heading overseas so we can keep an eye out for when something’s not right
  • View and manage eStatements
  • Create alerts based on your credit/debit card activity
  • View product pages within the app
  • Set up account alerts for payments or balance thresholds
  • Access calculators to help you better manage your finances
  • Locate and get directions to your nearest branch

Card management

  • Card Controls – manage your credit/debit card features, such as payWave, reduce your credit card limit or cancel your credit card, lock your card temporarily
  • Report a lost or stolen card, activate a card or change your card’s PIN


  • Check your balance and get a quick balance
  • Transfer funds, including fast payments with Osko
  • Create and maintain your PayID
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay your bills
  • Make international transfers
  • Add new payees

A few things to remember

  • Don’t keep your customer number and PIN with your mobile device
  • Make sure you log out when you’re done
  • The app will automatically log out after five minutes of no activity
  • Get in touch with Bank Australia immediately if you’ve lost your mobile device or feel that someone may know your login details
  • You must be registered for internet banking to have access to the app


How do you register for the app?

If you’re registered for internet banking with us, you can use our app.

Once you’re registered for internet banking, simply download the app to suit your phone and follow the prompts.

Need to register for Internet Banking? Call us on 132 888 or find out more here.


Where do you get the app? 


How do you start using the app?

You can start banking in three easy steps:

1. Register the app using your internet banking customer number and password

2. Choose a name for your device. This will be displayed in the list of registered devices inside the app.

3. Set up a simple login (4 digit passcode).


Some tips for using the app

View all options available

Select the ‘≡’ icon from the top right hand side to view all functions available within the app.

You can also view your BSB here.

Personalise your quick transactions

The welcome screen shows two navy buttons that allow you to perform some quick banking transactions such as ‘Pay Anyone’ and ‘BPAY’. 

To change what is available here tap and hold one of the two buttons. you can change the option to ‘Transfer’, 'Pay bm Customer’, ‘Pay Anyone’, ‘BPAY’ or ‘International’.

Stay safe and secure

Our banking app uses the same security and authentication as Internet banking. Here are a few things you should remember to stay safe online:

· Don’t keep your customer number and password with your phone or tablet.

· For security, your mobile banking session will close after five minutes of inactivity. To begin another mobile banking session, simply log in again.

· Make sure you log out when you’re finished with mobile banking.

· Get in touch if you’ve lost your mobile device or you think someone may know your login details.

Having trouble?

Read through our app FAQs.

Don’t forget to read about security and fraud protection to stay safe when banking online.

Operating System Requirements

The latest version of our mobile banking app requires the following minimum version of operating system (OS):

iOS 9.3 or above

Android 5.0 or above


Installation guide for Android users

For Android users running a version under 5.0, you will not be able to upgrade to our latest mobile app unless you upgrade the Android OS on your device first.

NOTE: Depending on the age of your device, a newer version of Android OS may not be supported. Please use your discretion when updating your device to the latest version of Android.


How can I check what version of Android OS my device is running?

Follow the steps outlined below to find out what version of Android OS your device is running (note: these steps may vary depending on your device):

I now want to update my Android OS to the latest version – how can I do that?

If you have decided to update your device with the latest Android OS, the following steps are a rough guide to updating your device’s OS (note: these steps may vary depending on your device):


We recommend connecting to WiFi before downloading the update to avoid going over mobile data limits.

What if I am unable to update my device or don’t want to update my device?

That’s okay, while we strongly recommend using the latest version of the app and OS due to security concerns with older versions, we understand there are some circumstances where this isn’t possible.

If you are unable to update your device to the latest OS, you can continue to use the previous version of our app for a period of time. Follow the steps outlined below to continue using the previous version of the app (please do not uninstall the app):

Why do you no longer support version of Android under Android 5.0?

We are committed to keeping your accounts safe and secure. Due to security vulnerabilities associated with older versions of Android, we can no longer support versions of Android OS under Android 5.0.

The fine print

Smartphone banking is not a stand-alone product. It is a special and additional feature of internet banking. Our internet banking terms and conditions also apply to smartphone banking and can be accessed at our web site under "disclosures" as part of our general terms and conditions.

The first use of these services by you or any person authorised by you will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions operate in conjunction with any terms and conditions which apply to any accounts nominated by you to be accessed by use of this service.

In providing you with this service, Bank Australia warrants that it will comply with the ePayments Code and the Mutual Banking Code of Practice.

Not all mobile devices may be capable of accessing and using smartphone banking. You are responsible for using, having or obtaining a compatible mobile device in connection with any use of the service.

Tap & Pay allows you to use your compatible Android smartphone phone to make Visa PayWave purchases up to $100 or other limit as set by the merchant. Tap & Pay is available for compatible NFC enabled phones running Android 4.0 or above. 

We do not charge a licence fee for the smartphone banking application, however you may incur data charges from your mobile network provider for downloading the application onto your mobile service. Check with your relevant service provider for more details.

To enjoy smartphone banking you must download our iPhone Application to an iPad or iPhone or our Android Application to an Android device. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


Bank Australia cares about your privacy. It is important to us that you know how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information.

Our privacy policy includes information about what we do with your personal information. It also tells you what you can do if you have a problem with how we look after your information.

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